Are Your “Ducks in a Row?”

Are you 40-60 years old with senior-aged parents?

1. Are you wondering what you’ll do when your parents need more help?
2. Will they move in with you?
3. Will they be able to stay in their own home?
4. Do they have enough money?
5. What resources are available?

Perhaps you’re avoiding the topic and don’t want to think about it? After all, they’re doing fine now. Who has the time anyway?


Maybe you’re already taking care of several aspects of your parents’ life?   

1. Since you live in the same town, you go to their home every day before and/or after work.
2. You find that you’re giving so much time to them that your own family life is suffering.
3. And if you live in another state, you call most every day to see how their doing.
4. Do you have to take more time off from work?
5. Are you worried about managing all of the care giving duties?

How do you juggle work, your personal life and that of your parents?

Perhaps you’re in your senior years…..say, 65-85 years of age:

1. You’re doing just fine.
2. Your health is good, you eat right and exercise
3. You follow your doctor’s advice with respect to any medical conditions you may have;
4. But you know things are changing….. You can’t do some of the things you used to do when you were in your 40’s.


So, do your adult children know what your desires are for future care needs?

1. Do they know what type of care or life saving measures you desire if you are unable to speak for yourself?
2. Do they know where your important documents are located?
3. If you were unable to take care of your banking responsibilities, who would help?
4. Are they aware of your medications, medical and/or surgical conditions?
5. If you don’t have any close family, what friend could you trust with this information?


#1 Get organized so that the future won’t dictate your life.
#2 Get the answers ahead of time, before the questions come up.
#3 Reduce the stress of future urgency by being prepared. You know like the “Be Prepared ” Scout motto.
#4 Know what needs to be done and then do it.

So, if you’re ready to get some control back in your life, and/or maximize your efforts by simplifying senior care planning for you and your loved ones; or, in more realistic terms… if you want to save yourself time, money and a lot of stress, be prepared by being organized.


PURCHASE the Senior Care Organizer in Notebook version which also includes the ‘fillable’ PDF version.
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So if you haven’t already done so…….. go get those “Ducks in a Row.” Because….
“If you don’t have a plan for successful aging, that’s when you need one”