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OK, That’s it……. I’m Taking Your Car Keys!!

“OK, that’s it, I’m taking your car keys and you can’t drive anymore.”  Can you imagine saying that to an aging parent or spouse because you’re concerned about their driving? I don’t think so. Remember, we’ll all be an “older” driver ourselves one day, or maybe we already are? I like how Joy Loverde puts […]

‘Your Electronic Life’ – What Happens Next?

Do you ever give thought to organizing your electronic life? #1 You may be caring for aging parents, spouse or other senior friend… what about their electronic life? #2 What happens when individuals are unable to function properly in their electronic life? [*Perhaps there are memory changes that lead to dementia; or medical changes that […]

“Good Morning……This is God”

The whole quote says: “Good morning …..this is God. I will be handling all of your problems today. I do not need your help, so have a good day.” (author unknown) In other words, we don’t have to worry (aren’t supposed to anyway).  Worrying doesn’t do any good… “it just takes the strength out of […]

Stuck on the ‘What If’ Bus?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions? 1. What if I fall? (Who will take care of things?) 2. What if I’m having trouble remembering to take my medications? 3. What if my spouse is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? 4. What if my Mother needs homecare? 5. What if I need to help my […]

“DIY” – 2022: ‘Game Changer’

Did You Know? • Not preparing isn’t fair to your family or to you • You can change how you look at the future • A little organization creates a plan • You can reduce the stress of future urgency Do You Answer YES to either of the following questions? 1) Caring for an aging […]

Holiday Time is Here……Check out some “Bite-sized” Advice

‘Bite-sized’ advice!! #1  Are you going to see Mom and Dad over the holidays?   BITE-SIZED ADVICE: Check around the house.  Circumstances can change, especially if you haven’t seen your parents for a while.     #2  Do family/close friend have directions for what needs to be done if you can’t speak for yourself? What […]

Five Common Mistakes Caregivers Make

Caregiving duties seem to creep up on us. We may start to notice subtle changes in an aging parent, spouse or other senior family member. But often times, it’s a lot easier to ignore the signs because who has time to take on caregiving responsibilities? And who knows what to do anyway? Here are  Five […]

Prepared in Case of an Emergency? If Not, You Need a PIN!

What’s a PIN?  Well, there’s no purchase necessary to find out!!  So, check this out!   You never know when an emergency is going to happen.  We didn’t either.  Here are three true stories to prove why it’s so necessary to have a ‘PIN.’ And the only cost is a little of your time and […]

Do You Wear the Cape?

I didn’t feel super that day. It was my usual monthly trip as a caregiver for my folks. I had gotten up at 5:00 a.m. to get to the airport; arrived at my destination, rented a car and drove to the extended care facility where my Mom and Dad had been residing for two years […]

Ten Things to Ask Before Hiring a Home Care Agency

Such great questions to ask before hiring a Home Care Agency.  Appreciation to: Cypress HomeCare Solutions, Phoenix, Arizona, for giving me permission to reprint their Article here.  To contact: cypresshomecare.com   Tel: 602-264-8009   1.  How long has your company been in business? – With many new companies entering the marketplace, they often lack experience […]