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Five Common Mistakes Caregivers Make

Caregiving duties seem to creep up on us. We may start to notice subtle changes in an aging parent, spouse or other senior family member. But often times, it’s a lot easier to ignore the signs because who has time to take on caregiving responsibilities? And who knows what to do anyway? Here are  Five […]

Prepared in Case of an Emergency? If Not, You Need a PIN!

What’s a PIN?  Well, there’s no purchase necessary to find out!!  So, check this out!   You never know when an emergency is going to happen.  We didn’t either.  Here are three true stories to prove why it’s so necessary to have a ‘PIN.’ And the only cost is a little of your time and […]

Do You Wear the Cape?

I didn’t feel super that day. It was my usual monthly trip as a caregiver for my folks. I had gotten up at 5:00 a.m. to get to the airport; arrived at my destination, rented a car and drove to the extended care facility where my Mom and Dad had been residing for two years […]

Ten Things to Ask Before Hiring a Home Care Agency

Such great questions to ask before hiring a Home Care Agency.  Appreciation to: Cypress HomeCare Solutions, Phoenix, Arizona, for giving me permission to reprint their Article here.  To contact: cypresshomecare.com   Tel: 602-264-8009   1.  How long has your company been in business? – With many new companies entering the marketplace, they often lack experience […]

“If Only…..”

IF ONLY I had thought that: * Not preparing for future care issues isn’t fair to my family or to me * No one else will do it for me or my aging parents or other senior family members * I can change how I look at the future * A little organization creates a […]

Fun Christmas Memories!

Here are a few fun memories from Christmas!     #1  You may have memories of cookies your Mom baked:             #2  Or, you could have made some of these:             #3  I definitely enjoyed building snowmen.. how about you?           […]

What’s in Your Stocking?

  Would you agree it’s been quite the year? The virus has created additional risks to aging parents and other seniors. It really gives one pause to think….Am I prepared to be sick?  Does my family know what to do if I can’t speak for myself?   Maybe you have aging parents and you’re concerned […]

Don’t Make Caregiving an Experiment – There’s a Better Way!

Don’t make caregiving an experiment – there is a better way!  Utilize the skills of a Geriatric Care Manager.  I appreciate Diane Skaff, LPN, BA, who is a Certified Geriatric Care Manager here in Sun City, Arizona, for giving me permission to provide the following excerpts from the Senior Support Solutions website. What is a […]

“Pandemic Planning”

“These crazy times feel a bit like a “zombie apocalypse” and end of life planning seems even more relevant now,” according to  Elder Law Attorney Lora Johnson, who gave permission to share the following text: Many who have been putting off doing their final plans, are now urgently trying to get them done, while others […]

So, What’s in Your….. Puzzle?

OK, I admit it, I’m not a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, but there are those I know who can put together a 1000 piece puzzle in what seems to be minutes. Wow! With all those pieces it seems so complicated, challenging and ‘time-consuming’ to get it all done. But during the process as the puzzle starts […]