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“Pandemic Planning”

“These crazy times feel a bit like a “zombie apocalypse” and end of life planning seems even more relevant now,” according to  Elder Law Attorney Lora Johnson, who gave permission to share the following text: Many who have been putting off doing their final plans, are now urgently trying to get them done, while others […]

So, What’s in Your….. Puzzle?

OK, I admit it, I’m not a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, but there are those I know who can put together a 1000 piece puzzle in what seems to be minutes. Wow! With all those pieces it seems so complicated, challenging and ‘time-consuming’ to get it all done. But during the process as the puzzle starts […]

‘Your Electronic Life’ – What Happens Next?

Do you ever give thought to organizing your electronic life? #1 You may be caring for aging parents, spouse or other senior friend… what about their electronic life? #2 What happens when individuals are unable to function properly in their electronic life? [*Perhaps there are memory changes that lead to dementia; or medical changes that […]

Got Time? Now’s the Time!

Who would have thought we’d be in the situation we are right now?  True, it has given us more time than we’ve likely ever had in our lives.  It may have also turned your life upside down and that is challenging in itself. But I have a feeling that whatever our situation is, many of […]

Feeling Boxed In?

  A big thank you to Beth Giles for the use of the following article which she previously posted. I think you will like it, as well as others you can find on her website. This particular article is ‘to the point’ and great “food for thought.” ‘Thinking outside the box’ Beth Giles, Professional Organizer […]

How does the Future Look to You?

The Neighbor Story:  It was midnight and the phone rang.  I was our neighbor calling because her husband had a nosebleed and it wouldn’t stop no matter what she did.  I told her she should call her doctor (she didn’t want to bother him); call 911 (she didn’t want the sirens and lights to wake […]

DIY – 2020: ‘Game Changer’

Did You Know? • Not preparing isn’t fair to your family or to you • No one else will do it for you • You can change how you look at the future • A little organization creates a plan • You can reduce the stress of future urgency Do You Answer YES to either […]

Come With Me: ‘Memories of Christmas Past’

            Get a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and come along with me as I think back on Christmas memories. I will post two “memories” a week on Facebook through Christmas.. and I hope these will bring back memories for you too. Christmas is truly the most wonderful time […]

Holiday Time is Coming….. Check out some “Bite-sized” Advice

#1   Are you going to see Mom and Dad over the holidays? Bite-sized advice:  Check around the house.  Circumstances can change, especially if you haven’t seen your aging parents for awhile.   #2 As a senior, does your family/close friend have directions for what needs to be done if you are ill and can’t […]

Stuck on the ‘What If’ Bus?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions? 1. What if I fall? (Who will take care of things?) 2. What if I’m having trouble remembering to take my medications? 3. What if my spouse is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? 4. What if my Mother needs homecare? 5. What if I need to help my […]