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How does the Future Look to You?

The Neighbor Story:  It was midnight and the phone rang.  I was our neighbor calling because her husband had a nosebleed and it wouldn’t stop no matter what she did.  I told her she should call her doctor (she didn’t want to bother him); call 911 (she didn’t want the sirens and lights to wake […]

DIY – 2020: ‘Game Changer’

Did You Know? • Not preparing isn’t fair to your family or to you • No one else will do it for you • You can change how you look at the future • A little organization creates a plan • You can reduce the stress of future urgency Do You Answer YES to either […]

Come With Me: ‘Memories of Christmas Past’

            Get a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and come along with me as I think back on Christmas memories. I will post two “memories” a week on Facebook through Christmas.. and I hope these will bring back memories for you too. Christmas is truly the most wonderful time […]

Holiday Time is Coming….. Check out some “Bite-sized” Advice

#1   Are you going to see Mom and Dad over the holidays? Bite-sized advice:  Check around the house.  Circumstances can change, especially if you haven’t seen your aging parents for awhile.   #2 As a senior, does your family/close friend have directions for what needs to be done if you are ill and can’t […]

Stuck on the ‘What If’ Bus?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions? 1. What if I fall? (Who will take care of things?) 2. What if I’m having trouble remembering to take my medications? 3. What if my spouse is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? 4. What if my Mother needs homecare? 5. What if I need to help my […]

It’s Personal…..

Don’t you just look forward to vacation?  We do too. So, a few weeks ago we headed north, stopping along the way to see family and friends. Then, we arrived in Cannon Beach, Oregon for a couple of weeks. Aaaaaah! I can still hear the ocean sounds. Walking the beach with temps in the cool […]

On The Move – What Will Fit in Your New Home?

Beth Giles, Owner of NW Organizing Solutions (providing moving and downsizing services in the Portland, Oregon area) authored this very useful article, giving permission to post it here. “You can’t fit a gallon of water into a quart size jar!”  “This insightful statement also applies to the furniture and belongings we hope to fit into our […]

Picnic in the Park… with the ‘Colonel’

My Mom, who had Parkinson’s, couldn’t go out to restaurants any longer due to the difficulty in walking very far, even using the walker. In addition, it was also hard for her to get into the wheelchair. She really enjoyed eating out, so when I made my monthly trips to see her, I made sure […]

You’ve Just Inherited 2 Million $$

A sad, but true story.  I was so frustrated and upset when I heard about this that I hope by sharing this true story, it will prevent it from happening to you or someone you know. We had learned that Ruth, (not her real name) an 85 year old friend received notification (phone call we […]

Organizing Today = A Plan for Tomorrow

When it comes to caregiving seniors…… Organizing Today = a Plan for Tomorrow. Imagine being prepared so the future won’t dictate your life?   Many who care-give seniors struggle with where to start or what to do next. The ‘Senior Care Organizer‘ is a planning tool for getting organized so caregivers have more time and […]