“DIY” – 2022: ‘Game Changer’

Did You Know?

• Not preparing isn’t fair to your family or to you
• You can change how you look at the future
• A little organization creates a plan
• You can reduce the stress of future urgency

Do You Answer YES to either of the following questions?

1) Caring for an aging parent or spouse and worry about managing it all?
2) Are you a healthy senior who needs to prepare for your own future care needs?

The First Step – You Can ‘DIY’ (Do it Yourself)

In just a few hours you can set up your own Personal Emergency Notebook. All you need is a 1” 3 ring notebook; and include the following information:

• Emergency Contacts
• Personal Information
• Medical Conditions
• Surgical History
• Medications
• Health Care Directive (Living Will)
• Power of Attorney (for medical and financial)

So, what’s the Game Changer?

Getting prepared, especially for a possible emergency situation, changes everything.  More specifically, you will have more time and less worry; feel less stressed and more competent.

But more importantly, it means the future won’t dictate your life.

 Want to do some more preparation?  Check out Senior Care Organizer. You can’t go wrong for $25 and be able to save multiple copies for family use.


“The ancestor of every action is a thought”    Ralph Waldo Emerson