“Don’t have a plan? That’s when you need one!

Do you plan or do you procrastinate? Do you go into denial or face the problem?  Do you save money or spend it wildly?  Do you think about the future or just the ‘here and now?”

Think about it! Most of us plan a vacation in order to have a seat on the plane or a hotel to stay in.  We have car insurance and hope we never need it.  If we’re heading out on a road trip, we usually put gas in the car.  Don't have a plan?



Why is it that we don’t plan for the possible future senior care needs? Why wait until it’s an emergency when there is so much more stress and emotions involved?


  • You may be caring for or about to care for an aging parent, spouse or other senior family member.Don't have a Plan?


  • Or, maybe you’re a healthy senior but really should make a Plan for your own future care needs for the sake of your family or friends so they will know what you want them to do. 

“Being prepared won’t allow the future to dictate your life
or the life
of someone you may be caring for.”

Life goes by so quickly (in sometimes what seems to be minutes) and yet the process of living which often feels so time-consuming, can seem challenging and complicated as well. However, there are so many more times when we’re enjoying life and have opportunities to be successful in whatever we are doing.  Planning doesn’t have to be a ‘bad’ word.  In fact, making a Plan will be one of those successes.Don't have a Plan?

STEPS for Setting up the PLAN:

  1. View the two minute video about the Senior Care Organizer. You can obtain the Organizer as a downloadable interactive PDF or in a tabbed Notebook format.
  2. Preview the Senior Care Organizer. As you read through the sample pages, you will find a To Do List, brief explanations for how to fill out the worksheets, along with several of the worksheets.
  3. Take some time.  It might take you a total of 6-10 hours (not necessarily at one sitting) to get the information filled out and organized.
  4. Go to the website and click on the “What’s Inside” Tab where you will find links and resources to assist you as you set up your Plan.
  5. Check out the “Helpful Articles” Tab. There are many topics to choose from.
  6. Finally, order your own Senior Care Organizer and set your Plan in motion now; because as Yogi Berra might have said it……

“If you don’t have a plan, that’s when you need one.”

Don't have a Plan?