Get the Picture?

I’ve decided that I’m going to be enthusiastic about this New Year. There’s way too much ‘negative’ in the world, so I’m ‘turning the tables.’ And, although I could probably do it literally, ..… I’m just going to “jump for joy” in my mind.’ What about you? You may be a caregiver, or realize that you are about to become one for an aging parent, a spouse or other loved one. You can look at it from a negative point of view; or decide to have a positive outlook and find assistance and support. If you choose that route…. well, that’s grounds for ’jumping for joy.‘

Caregiving is not for wimps. I was a caregiver for ten years, caring for my parents’ needs from a distance, making sure all their “ducks were in a row” so to speak. 

It does take a toll, but I was glad that I could help. And I learned a lot from others. It’s a big responsibility being a caregiver, and a lot of work too. So where’s the ”jump for joy” in that? Well, it’s like the saying goes….. “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Another way to look at it is…. Let others give you a hand.  

I was taking to a neighbor who has a husband with Parkinson’s… she told me that she hasn’t been eating well lately and doesn’t feel as well as she used to. I told her that the caregiver needs help just as much as the person who receives the care. She promised me that she would make an appointment to see a doctor. Did you know that there’s a book called the ABC’s of Caregiving by Nanette Davis that gives great support and encouragement in a very “easy-to-read” format?

I have another friend whose Mother has Alzheimer’s, and the worst part about it is that her Mother doesn’t always remember her any more. But another tough thing about it is that her Mother repeats the same story over and over. An example: “the kids are still here and they need to get home so they can go to bed.” My friend simply repeats the same answer in response: “Everything is OK….their Dad already came and took them home to tuck them into bed.” I’d say my friend just “jumped for joy” in her mind. She is taking the high road… being as positive as she can with such a difficult situation. I highly recommend AlzAuthors, an excellent site to find support as a caregiver and to meet others who have written about their personal experiences.   

And if you just want to know how to prepare for caregiving or get more organized for it, I recommend your viewing the two minute video about the Senior Care Organizer. The Organizer, which is downloaded as an interactive PDF document, or available in a Notebook version is what came out of my ten year experience in caring for my parents. Find out what others say about it (Testimonials). Check out the Links and Resources section. If you’re feeling stressed out or frustrated in any way, this may be ‘just the ticket’ to get you to ‘jump for joy’ in your mind,’ or maybe “’jump for joy” for ‘real.  

So, whatever caregiving challenges may be ahead, don’t forget that it’s a New Year; there are others who can help you and resources to support you. And when you feel overwhelmed even for a moment, do that ‘jump for joy’ in your mind,…….. Get the Picture?

“Man is not made for defeat”  Earnest Hemingway