Giving Thanks Where Thanks is Due


Thanksgiving Day brings back a lot of memories for so many of us.  I know for me, I recall the preparation for the turkey dinner, Mom showing me how to set the table properly and even use cloth napkins.  I watched her stuff the turkey, make gravy, homemade rolls and so much more and she did it on a “shoe string” budget.  We each had to put on our “good church clothes” and prior to eating dinner, Dad would pray for the meal, but always include thanks for what God had provided for us.  We didn’t have a lot, but we had enough.

There are still so many who have so little; but there are also so many who are willing to share with those who have the least.  Giving to others, sharing what we have….. that is not a new concept.  Unfortunately, we don’t hear a lot about the good things being done in our Country, or for that matter in the world.  But I have a feeling those good things would outweigh all the bad we hear about.

So with this brief article, I want to “give thanks where thanks is due.”

Thank you to Caregivers who more often than not go “beyond the call of duty,” spend sleepless nights, work hard to take care of their own families, hold down a job while at the same time provide care to a loved one; become frustrated, worried, wonder how they can go through another day… and yet, they do.  They put others first. Giving thanks

Thank you to those who support caregivers.  You may be a family member or a friend, but you take the time to call to see if there is anything you can do to help.  I remember getting these calls when caring for my own parents; and even if there wasn’t anything to do at the time, just the ‘call’ meant the world.  And I knew I was being prayed for too.

Thank you to all those who take time for others.  You take cookies or a meal to someone who is house-bound; call or visit with an elderly friend or neighbor.  Perhaps you take a walk with a senior who uses a cane or walker; or offer to drive an elderly parent or other senior to the store.  These are just a few of the things you do.

Giving thanksThank you to those in the senior care profession who offer services to families and seniors in need.   Yes, the services are fee-based, but often, charges aren’t made for advice or information.  I am thankful for so many professionals that I’ve met either personally, or through other contacts, that are so valuable to those who already are or about to become caregivers.   There are several listed in the Links section of this website.

Thank you for ‘tuning in’ to the Senior Care Organizer Blog.  I wish you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving season.  May God bless you in a special way.

“Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive
without forgetting”  Author Unknown