Happy Mother’s Day

How can you describe a Mother?  That was the title of the following poem (of sorts) about my Mother, who was 64 at the time.  (In this photo she was 87)  It seemed appropriate with Mother’s Day approaching, that I would post portions of it here.  I do not claim to be a poet, (I leave that to my brother Rod, who is great at writing prose), but when I learned that my Mother was to be honored at a Mother’s Day Tea at her church in 1986, I wanted to do something special since I couldn’t attend.

I am very thankful for the Mother that I was blessed with.  I know that there are many who either don’t have or never  had a Mother to love and care for them; or simply just to listen to them when there was a need to share a problem or to celebrate something joyful.    Your Mother may still be active and you’re enjoying her company;  she may live far away from you, or she may have already moved into Heaven as mine did last year.  Your Mother may require more care now, or need your help more often.  Whatever your circumstances, I hope that this personal perspective of the kind of Mother I had will be a blessing in some way as we celebrate Mother’s Day.  Thank you for letting me share from my heart.

“There are cards that will and cards that won’t
Some that rhyme, others that don’t;
There are songs to be sung and poems and books,
That sing of her praises and describe her looks.

Now I’m not a poet, and I will never be,
But with these thoughts I hope you’ll see
That what I tell you is absolutely true;
My Mother’s love is big enough for not only me,
But for all of you.

Everyone knows her by her laugh,
It’s rich and full and never just half;
It’s hearty and happy and everyone knows
That my Mother takes Jesus where ever she goes.

I can tell you of a time when all three kids were sick
With ringworm that gave us shaved heads, “oh ick.”
She painstakingly put the salve on our sores,
And loved us, cried with us, and then loved us some more.

My Father had a heart attack one day,
I was just nine and I heard her say,
Now children, don’t worry – everything will be fine,
God will take care of us and your Daddy will be well in time.

I’m sure there were days when she cried,
Tears of hurt, of frustration that she did hide,
But we didn’t see that side of her much,
We received her loving ways and felt her gentle touch.

Moving, setting up house, finding a job,
Sewing our clothes, cooking, cleaning and helping us out;
Never gave her much time for herself that’s true,
But she never complained and cared for Dad and us too.

Facing without fear when her husband had a stroke
She relied on God and yielded her yoke
Of burden and pressures and even today,
When it’s hard sometimes to be strong and obey,
God’s Word comes through to her heart and she knows
That she can do anything through Him wherever she goes.

So even now after all these years,
I see so much in her and yes, cry tears..
Of joy, but sometimes of “not thinking I’ve done enough
To thank her for all of the time she gave to me, to all of us;
So I say right now for all to hear
My Mother, my friend, you are so Dear”.


“I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.
Abraham Lincoln