Holiday Time is Coming….. Check out some “Bite-sized” Advice

#1   Are you going to see Mom and Dad over the holidays?

Bite-sized advice:  Check around the house.  Circumstances can change, especially if you haven’t seen your aging parents for awhile.


#2 As a senior, does your family/close friend have directions for what needs to be done if you are ill and can’t speak for yourself?

Bite-sized advice:  Set up your emergency contacts.  Check out the ‘flip-book preview,‘ pages 9-10

Bite-sized advice:  Discuss and fill out a Health Care Directive.  

#3 Do you live alone? Do your adult children live far away?

Bite-sized advice:  Find a Geriatric Care Manager now who can provide resources and support when you need it.


#4 Are you already caregiving or soon to step into a caregiver role as an adult child or spouse?

Bite-Sized advice: This article is just for you. Download the free PDF:


Find more ‘bite-sized’ nuggets in the Senior Care Organizer, a hands-on caregiving and resource Guide, made to order for you as you set up a plan for yourself, spouse or aging parents.

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“Remember, when it comes to caregiving,


“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.”  Henry Ford