How does the Future Look to You?

The Neighbor Story:  It was midnight and the phone rang.  I was our neighbor calling because her husband had a nosebleed and it wouldn’t stop no matter what she did.  I told her she should call her doctor (she didn’t want to bother him); call 911 (she didn’t want the sirens and lights to wake people up).. and no matter what I suggested… it was no, until I said.. do you want me to come over?

I could not reduce his nosebleed; besides.. who knew if it was a BP problem or perhaps he was on Coumadin or ?? I told her she needed to call 911.  While we waited for them to come and I was icing and applying pressure to his nose, I asked her to find his insurance card, Medication list and any medical/surgical history info.  She was so scattered.. she couldn’t do it.   They weren’t prepared for an emergency.

Here’s the thing…….You never know when an emergency can happen!


Jim & Dorothy:  At 85 years of age, they were both doing pretty well.  One day, Jim, died suddenly of a heart attack.  He handled ALL of the financial responsibilites.  Dorothy had no idea about anything.. not even their bank name, where the pension came from… NOTHING.

It took her over a year with a lot of help from a friend to gather all of the information she needed.

They were not prepared for the unexpected.




Maybe you struggle with where to start or what to do first?

You don’t have to IF you have a Plan!




The Tale of Two Families:



First family... their parents had made no plans for future care, financial concerns, how to speak for them if they couldn’t speak, nor what to do if they were dying.





Second family... their parents did make plans, and informed their family as to their plans and the preparation details they had prepared when they couldn’t speak for themselves.





No one else can do it for you.  But there is help!

Go to:  Senior Care Organizer and start your own plan with the Senior Care Organizer.

As described in the Organizer, start with the first step – setting up your own Personal Information Binder




The future’s not guaranteed.

We don’t know what the future holds as it relates to what medical or physical needs we will have.





Remember………“If there isn’t a plan, that’s when you’ll need one.”

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