“If Only…..”

IF ONLY I had thought that:

* Not preparing for future care issues isn’t fair to my family or to me
* No one else will do it for me or my aging parents or other senior family members
* I can change how I look at the future
* A little organization creates a plan
* I can reduce the ‘stress of future urgency’


If I answer YES to either of the following questions:

  •  Am I caring for an aging parent or spouse who worries about managing it all?
  • Am I a healthy senior who needs to prepare for my own future care needs?

but I don’t do anything about it, and things get out of hand related to how to handle senior care issues, I will likely be thinking………..


IF ONLY I had done something!



What to Do?   Leave the ‘If Only’s’ behind:

In just a few hours you can get a Plan started by setting up your own (or a loved one’s) Personal Emergency Notebook.  All you need is a 1 inch, 3 ring notebook; and include the following information:



Then, ‘If Only’ turns into ‘As a Result’of!

  • Getting prepared, especially for a possible emergency situation, changes everything.
  • More specifically, you will have more time and less worry;
  • You will feel less stressed and more competent.
  • But more importantly, it means the future won’t dictate your life.


Now that you’ve gotten started, how about doing some more preparation?

Check out Senior Care Organizer.  For only $25 you can download your own fillable PDF version and find a simple method and steps for more planning and preparation for future senior care issues.


There’s nothing like the present,
and the best part?

You won’t have to say…. ‘If Only!’


“The ancestor of every action is a thought” Ralph Waldo Emerson