It’s More Than Just a Move – Part III (The Sale)

As previously described in the introduction to “It’s More than Just a Move – Part I,” this last article of a three part series is from Sandra Millius of Millius Estate Services, who will provide information about topics such as:  services provided by an Estate Sales Company, tips for selecting an Estate Sales Professional; and what an estate sales company can do for you.

Whether you’re helping your parents downsize, or you are downsizing yourself, this article will be of great benefit.  Don’t throw away anything yet!  Or, in other words, to help de-stress the move, definitely meet with someone who specializes in estate sales.  You’ll be surprised at what an estate sales professional can do for you.  I sure was.

My appreciation goes to Sandra for allowing me to post the following information which she also recently presented at some local Senior Care Workshops:

MAKE YOUR PLAN – What to do with your treasures?

  • What will you take with you to your new home?  Make those selections first.
  • Next, designate all gifts to family or friends, a charitable organization or museum.

What about all the Rest?  Leave it ALL!                                                                                   

  • Furniture and lamps of all types throughout the home
  • Dining items from stemware to silver, from linen to candles
  • Kitchen cooking and bake ware, utensils, linens, small appliances,
  • Even the all those bottles and other products underneath your sink
  • Decorative items like figurines, vases, artwork, clocks….
  • All books and magazines
  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Postcards and other paper goods
  • Yard and garden items from tools to patio pots and furniture
  • Tools of all types
  • Clothing, accessories, jewelry, vanity and bathroom items
  • Office equipment, furnishings, and…..

Well, you get the picture….. Leave everything else for the estate sales professionals, who will take care of it all.  Selling these items can provide you with funds that may offset other moving-related costs.

Tips for Selecting an Estate Sales Professional

  1. Make sure you are dealing with a business with proper state licensing and business insurance.
  2. Ask about professional credentialing, training and/or experience.
  3. Talk about how your sale would be conducted – staff on site, security and safety issues, how pricing is done, etc.
  4. Ask for references – and check with those former clients.
  5. Require a contract or written agreement.  Review carefully before signing. Keep a signed copy or original in your files.

What do Estate Sales Companies do? 

There are other options to an estate sale.  Be sure to talk about those.  Items can be sold in other venues – and sometimes should be sold otherwise.  An experienced professional will help make that determination and will facilitate those placements and sales.  Some examples follow:

  1. May conduct a private or public estate sale at the client’s residence.
  2. Consign items for sale via online auction.
  3. Consign items for sale to private buyers.
  4. Consign items for sale at live auction.
  5. Price items and prepare clients to conduct their own sales.
  6. An estate sales service can help create probate or distribution appraisals.

Other important Info:

  • Most estate sales companies are paid a commission of your sale’s gross profit.
  • Often, there are no upfront costs to the client.
  • Consultations are generally at no charge.

In closing, my appreciation goes to both Sandra Millius and Alison Starkey for their willingness to provide such great information for this “It’s More Than Just a Move” three part series.  It was not only informative, but it was educational.   Until next time, keep in mind……

“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.”  Peter Marshall