It’s Personal…..

Don’t you just look forward to vacation?  We do too. So, a few weeks ago we headed north, stopping along the way to see family and friends. Then, we arrived in Cannon Beach, Oregon for a couple of weeks. Aaaaaah! I can still hear the ocean sounds. Walking the beach with temps in the cool 60’s is wonderful, especially when you’re coming from temps in the 100’s + in Arizona.

Then .. surprise, surprise… Mel needed to go to the Emergency Room for a heart issue he has never had before. I’m not going in to detail about that, (he is getting treated and doing fine) but I have to give a testimonial on behalf of the Senior Care Organizer.  I know, it’s the book I authored; but there is a section in it that I took with us and WOW, did it ever come in handy.

Personal Information Binder comes along for the ride:  There are many topics and fillable forms/documents in the Senior Care Organizer (SCO), but specifically, the ‘Binder for Personal Information’ (which includes a section for each of us) is always along for any trip we go on. Why?  Because you never know when you might need it.

Well, we needed it! When we checked into the ER, we gave the nurse the pertinent pages she needed; and she made copies. (*documents we provided). One of the nurses said to me: “I wish every patient provided information like this. It makes everything so much easier on the patient, their family, and the staff.” (I was thinking to myself… now I can personally attest to that)!

What info is included in the Personal Information Binder?
• Emergency Contacts*
• Personal Information such as address, phone, doctor, insurance*
• Medications List*
• Medical and Surgical History*
• Health Care Directive
• Power of Attorney document
• Funeral/Cremation/Burial information (if applicable)


Are You Prepared?

1) I’ve been educating seniors and /or their adult children since 2008 about getting organized and making plans for future senior care concerns. In other words, “to prepare before the urgency comes up.”

2) In that many years, we personally have not needed the ‘Personal Info Binder’ described in the SCO … but having it for this one emergency experience was well worth the couple of hours it took to set it up a few years ago. And this is just one topic in the Senior Care Organizer.

3) It’s never too early to prepare for the future and even if I hadn’t published this Organizer, I would still highly recommend it. I have seen too many friends and family members wait too long to prepare; and then as care needs change, things get pretty rough and stressful because there is no plan.

4) If you think about it, the cost of the Organizer is nothing compared to the heartache of not being prepared. If you purchase the Notebook version you get the fillable PDF automatically. And when you purchase the Notebook/PDF combo, use the coupon code SMILE, and you will receive $10 off.

So Happy!  I’m sure glad we were prepared for our ‘unexpected visit’ to the Emergency Room nearly 2000 miles from home.  What If?  Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Questions? Don’t hesitate to Contact me


Remember, and this is important: “If you don’t have a plan, that’s when you need one.”