Organizing Today = A Plan for Tomorrow

When it comes to caregiving seniors…… Organizing Today = a Plan for Tomorrow.

Imagine being prepared so the future won’t dictate your life?


Many who care-give seniors struggle with where to start or what to do next. The ‘Senior Care Organizer‘ is a planning tool for getting organized so caregivers have more time and less worry.

EASY STEPS to get started:

Following easy-to-use steps will organize more information than you thought possible.

Increase Efficiency:
Preparation will allow more time for your family and/or job responsibilities.

Create peace of mind:
You may be surprised at how planning will reduce your stress level.

You’ll go from stressed out and ill equipped to competent & prepared

The process is simple:



Review and Collect:
Read ‘How to Use the Organizer.” Use the “To Do List” to determine where to begin. Gather the specified information from the senior.


Customize the worksheets for the senior(s). These worksheets and other pertinent documents are filed into the alpha tabbed Notebook.


Organization steps are accomplished. Preparation is finalized; both giving you more confidence that you have a Plan for tomorrow.

Reduce the Stress of Future Urgency.
When it comes to caregiving seniors, a little preparation goes a long way.


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“You’re the caregiver, we’re the Resource.”