Prepared in Case of an Emergency? If Not, You Need a PIN!

What’s a PIN?  Well, there’s no purchase necessary to find out!!  So, check this out!


You never know when an emergency is going to happen.  We didn’t either.  Here are three true stories to prove why it’s so necessary to have a ‘PIN.’

And the only cost is a little of your time and purchase of a 1” binder.






#1  But we’re on vacation!   Here we were at the Oregon Coast a couple of years ago; and then .. surprise, surprise… Mel needed to go to the Emergency Room for a heart issue he has never had before.   I won’t go into detail (he’s doing great now).   The ‘PIN’ had come along for the ride on our vacation; the nurse in ER was so amazed and thankful for it.






#2  November 2020’s COVID challenge:  Mel had to go by ambulance for symptoms from COVID (but thankfully only stayed in ER for a few hours).  Pages from the ‘PIN’ were copied and given to the EMT’s on the ambulance.  One of them commented that he’d never seen such preparation before.







#3  What a pain!  At least my trek to the ER this year due to a kidney stone was by car.  (Mel said I had a choice.. ‘red car or red truck.’)  I brought along copies of my information from the ‘PIN.’  The ER personnel were most appreciative (so was I).



You might be ready to ask … what in the world is the PIN?  I am happy to answer:


The ‘PIN’  is a Personal Information Notebook that includes the following:

  • Emergency Contacts*
  • Personal Information such as address, phone, doctor, insurance*
  • Medications List*
  • Medical and Surgical History*
  • Health Care Directive*
  • Living Will*
  • Power of Attorney


WHY do you need the ‘PIN’?

  • In an emergency, there is concern and fear… and often times it’s difficult to remember answers to the many questions that are posed.
  • Preparing ahead helps reduce the stress for everyone involved.




Imagine being prepared so the future won’t dictate your life.


The ‘PIN’ is but a small sub-section in the Senior Care Organizer, (a hands-on caregiving and

resource guide) which comes as a fillable PDF format.   (Check out the Table of Contents).


However, if you prefer not to purchase a copy of the Organizer itself,

(only $25) you can still set up your own

Personal Information  Notebook (PIN),

to include the information listed above.




Don’t wait.  You never know when you will need to be prepared.


If you don’t have a plan, that’s when you need one. 

It’s as simple as that.


Questions?  Send Email to:  Senior Care Organizer Contact