Reduce the Stress of Future Urgency!

STRESSED?  Do you ever think about whether you will have to take care of your spouse, aging parent or other senior family member in the future?  Maybe that future is now and you are doing that very thing, but you have no support and you don’t know where to turn.   You’ve bought all the books, but have no time to read them; and worst of all, you have no idea what questions to even ask.

OR….perhaps you think it’s too early to think about all of this.  After all, everything is fine; all the seniors (e.g., grandparent, parent) that you know are healthy and doing well.  But what happens when that changes?  What will you do then?  What will they do?

WORRIED?  What about you and your own care needs?  Ever think about that?  Probably not if you’re healthy now and not having any problems; but what about the future?  Who will help you?  Isn’t it better to be prepared ahead of time for possible urgent needs?

A friend of mine once told me the following:  I am completely in the dark about what to do about my parents.  They either have to get some help into the house, or they will have to move.  But they’re being stubborn… they don’t want to.  I work full time, have my own family, I live out of town, and now this.  I’m a mess.   We’re all mess and I don’t know where to turn.”

So if you answered YES to any of the questions above, then I recommend the Senior Care Organizer, (in the Notebook version or fillable PDF version).   I can honestly tell you from experience in caring for my own parents and from those who have previously purchased a copy for themselves, the Senior Care Organizer is truly a “problem-solver” and information-provider.  Check out some of the questions it can answer:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – answered in the Organizer:

  1. Mom doesn’t remember to take all of her medications, how can we help?
  2. My Father needs more help, but he can’t afford it.  What kind of assistance can he get?
  3. How do I document what my wishes are if I am seriously ill and/or dying?
  4. All of us siblings have different ideas about whether Mom and Dad are safe to stay in their home.  Who can give us advice?
  5. My husband needs help bathing and dressing due to his Parkinson’; how do I find a reputable Home Health Aide to help?
  6. I live a great distance from my aging parents.  I’m concerned about them living alone.  What should I do?
  7. What is hospice and what does it include?
  8. My Grandfather was a Vet, is help available for long term care for him and my Grandmother?
  9. I’m 75 years old, in good health, but I don’t have anyone close by to help me move.  Where can I find help?
  10. How do I find agencies in the County that may be useful for my aging parents?

Closing Questions….

Is taking care of aging parents, spouse or other family members challenging?  YES!   Is the prospect of having to do this worrisome?  YES!   Even though you’re healthy now, is it possible that you will have care needs?  YES!

So, in light of these few questions, doesn’t it seem reasonable to get questions answered, to find resources and basically be prepared in order to reduce the stress of possible future urgency?  In my opinion, YES!

I hope you’ll consider purchasing the Senior Care Organizer for yourself or others.  The pricing is very affordable.  But before you do this, get others’ opinions about it. Check the Testimonials page on the website; and check out the other articles in the Helpful Articles section and the “Links” section for more answers.  Thank you for your consideration.  Until next time….

Even if you’re on the right track; if you sit there, you can get run over.”  Author unknown