Senior Care Issues: Don’t Worry… Be Organized!


Do you ever think about whether you will have to take care of your spouse, aging parent or other senior family member in the future?
Maybe that future is now and you are doing that very thing, but you have no support and you don’t know where to turn.
You bought the books, but have no time to read them; worst of all, you have no idea what questions to ask.


* What about you and your own care needs?
* Ever think about that?
* Probably not if you’re healthy now and not having any problems; but what about the future?
* Who will help you?  Does your family know what you want as you age?


  • You may live alone and have no children or other family.
  • Who will help you as you age?   Where do you turn?

Healthy coupleTHINK IT’S TOO EARLY TO PREPARE?  Perhaps you feel it’s too early to think about all of this.  After all, everything is fine; all the seniors (e.g., grandparent, parent) that you know are healthy and doing well.  But what happens when that changes?  What will you do then?  What will they do?

A friend of mine once told me the following:  “I am completely in the dark about what to do about my parents.  They either have to get some help into the house, or they will have to move.  But they’re being stubborn… they don’t want to.  I work full time, have my own family, I live out of town, and now this.  I’m a mess…. we’re all a mess and I don’t know where to turn.”

An 85 year old woman’s husband died recently.  He always handled the bills and finances, investments etc.  Now, she is completely ‘in the dark’ and feels quite depressed and overwhelmed – all at the same time.  She feels like giving up.  But there are options to prevent you from getting into this predicament.

THERE’S HELP:  The Senior Care Organizer is a tool to help take away these worries.  Check out some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) answered in the Organizer.


  1. Is taking care of aging parents, spouse or other family members challenging?  YES!
  2. Is the prospect of being a caregiver worrisome?  YES!
  3. Even though we’re healthy now, is it possible that we too will have care needs?  YES!

So, in light of these few questions, doesn’t it seem reasonable to get questions answered, find resources and basically be prepared ahead of time in order to reduce the stress of possible future urgency?  In my opinion, YES!

Go to the Senior Care Organizer website.  Check out the Helpful Articles.  See a Preview and then go to the Purchase page where you will find options for two versions of the Organizer – Electronic (PDF) and Notebook formats.   It’s not too early… and it’s not too late to make a plan and get organized.

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny
C.S. Lewis