Spring Into Action

Winter is behind us, Spring is here (snow and all in some places). I don’t know about you but personally, I tend to want to start some “spring cleaning.” It just seems like there are always projects to do. I feel like I’m pretty caught up since we recently moved to Arizona, but there’s always something, right?

In fact, I can remember times while being a caregiver to my parents, that I often felt like there were so many things that I needed to do, projects to complete and at the same time, things to do that I didn’t even know needed doing. Can you relate?




Often times, getting an answer to even just one question, can help to “make our day,” and even reduce some of the stress we feel.  Here’s a list some topical questions, and the tools for how you can “Spring into Action” to find the answers.

* My Mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.   Where can I find support and encouragement?  Check out the Linkhttps://seniorcareorganizer.com/content/links/   Then, go to Organizations and Resources:  Books/Radio/Video.  There are several great books written by authors who have dealt with family members with Alzheimer’s.Spring into Action

* I need to find some local senior care support in my County.  This link allows you to put in the zip code to find local resources.

* My Father lives alone.  I keep thinking if he fell, no one would know it.  I’ve heard of the emergency pendants, but which one is the right one?  Money.com has done a review of medical alert systems.

* My brothers and I have different ideas about whether Mom and Dad can stay in their own home now that they both have medical needs.   Is there anyone who can give us some advice?  Contact a Geriatric Care Manager

* My Mother is 80 years old, in good health, but doesn’t have anyone close by to help her move. Where can I find help?   Contact a local Move Manager.


* My Dad was a Veteran.  Is help available for long term care for him and Mom?  One example national group followshttp://www.veteranaid.org/

* I need to handle my parents’ Social Security.  Do I need authorization?  How does this work?  Become a Representative Payee.

* My Father is definitely having problems with driving.  Maybe it’s time for him to give up his license?  Check out this Linkhttp://keepingussafe.org/


* I really should get more organized as it relates to senior care issues.  Is there a resource for this?

There absolutely is.  Check out the downloadable interactive PDF  version   Take a look at the contents – page through the “Preview.”


Caregiving can be overwhelming, so…….
‘Spring into Action’  one step at a time.