Ten Things to Ask Before Hiring a Home Care Agency

Such great questions to ask before hiring a Home Care Agency.  Appreciation to: Cypress HomeCare Solutions, Phoenix, Arizona, for giving me permission to reprint their Article here.  To contact: cypresshomecare.com   Tel: 602-264-8009


1.  How long has your company been in business?
– With many new companies entering the marketplace, they often lack experience and expertise.
– Office staff can’t be relied on because of such a high employee turnover rate.
– They don’t have extensive records of caregivers’ past performances.
– They often attract caregivers who can’t get a job at a reputable place.

2.  Are your workers bonded and insured?
– All types of accidents can occur anytime and sometimes items from a client’s home will get damaged or disappear.
– Extensive insurance protects against these incidents but many agencies don’t have them.

3.  How extensive are your criminal and background checks?
– There are many unscrupulous people looking for work.
– Checking the last place the caregiver worked and where they lived for the past five years is important, as is getting written reference check reports.

4Does your company have a Care Coordinator assessing cases and doing supervisory visits?
– A Care Coordinator completes a plan of care so the caregiver knows what is expected of them at the home.
– They can also help caregivers identify safety hazards, recognize symptoms, observe special diets, familiarize them with infection control procedures and more.

5.  How do you select your employees?
– Agencies should have minimum requirements for years of experience and levels of certification or have training available and continuing education.

6.  Can you send me information describing your services and fees?
– These materials can help you compare the agency with others and it demonstrates that they’ve gone the extra mile in other aspects of the business.

7.  What is your company’s replacement policy or guarantee?
– A good agency will give you replacements when needed without limitations.

8.  What are your financial procedures? Are your rates negotiable?
– Fixed costs are generally incorporated into quotes which vary depending on the number of hours the caregiver is needed and the type of care required.

9.  Would you mind providing me with references?
– Testimonials from both recent and old jobs should be reviewed.

10.  Can we set up a time to meet to discuss the details of my needs?
– Important for you to see the agency’s office setting and for the agency to come to your home.

(Article used with permission from Cypress Homecare Solutions.)

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