What’s in Your Stocking?


Would you agree it’s been quite the year?

The virus has created additional risks to aging parents and other seniors.

It really gives one pause to think….Am I prepared to be sick?  Does my family know what to do if I can’t speak for myself?


Maybe you have aging parents and you’re concerned about them, especially in this current virus environment.

Do you have a plan for their future as health needs change?

Perhaps you are a healthy senior, but are you prepared for a medical condition like the COVID virus that would not allow you to take care of yourself or your business affairs?

If you had to go into the hospital, do you have pertinent information put together that would tell about you if you couldn’t?  Information such as:

  • Personal information
  • Emergency contacts
  • Insurance information
  • Medical / surgical conditions
  • Medications
  • Health care directive
  • Power of Attorney

Put a digital copy of the Senior Care Organizer in your stocking, or the stocking of a loved one.  It simply guides you to organize the information previously described AND so much more.

So….. What Could be in Your Stocking?

  • Freedom from stress
  • Less worry
  • Preparedness
  • And above all, a PLAN.

Go to:  seniorcareorganizer.com and click on ‘Buy Your Senior Care Organizer.’  It only costs $25.00 and you can’t beat that for a stocking gift.

Check out this quick video!



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