‘Your Electronic Life’ – What Happens Next?

Do you ever give thought to organizing your electronic life?

#1 You may be caring for aging parents, spouse or other senior friend… what about their electronic life?

#2 What happens when individuals are unable to function properly in their electronic life?

[*Perhaps there are memory changes that lead to dementia; or medical changes that lead to more full time care. 

*Or, perhaps other reasons, such as illness, or inability to handle online accounts or bills].

#3 Finally, what happens to the electronic life when the owner passes away?


Think of it, we have usernames, passwords, passcodes, automatic electronic payments, online banking, and on-line ordering while allowing websites to store our credit card information. 

We may have social media accounts and store photos and documents on the Cloud.


Our digital lives can cause anxiety for loved ones should we become incapacitated or pass away.  Someone may need to identify online accounts or bills, so that payments continue, but paper invoices likely don’t exist.  Family members may know about some accounts, but may not know usernames or passwords.


WHAT TO DO?  Here are a few ideas:

* Make sure your durable power of attorney specifies the designated individual to have access to all of your online accounts (digital assets).

* The executor of your Will or Trust should also have access to your online accounts, including investment accounts and other financial assets.

* Use a Password Manager so you only have to provide one password to your power of attorney or executor. 


Oh, one more thing…there’s more you can do.

The NEWEST 6th edition of the Senior Care Organizer has a new ‘6 page’ section on ‘Electronic Life Organization.’  You can check out a Preview of the Senior Care Organizer and click to page 47 for an example page; plus see several more example pages of “What’s Inside” the Senior Care Organizer.

And, it’s easy to purchase and download this ‘fillable’ PDF document.  Purchase your own copy today.  Get your life, including your electronic life, in order for the future.

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else’      Booker T. Washington